A student has the right to insist on a defence against the advice of the supervisor. Vita Auctoris Front matter section the pages preceding the thesis body should appear in the following order: Once a major paper, internship report, or thesis has been successfully defended and revised if necessary and approved by the supervisor , the preparation of the final document must follow the procedures and format determined by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. A thesis will be at least pages, but will not exceed pages, excluding notes and bibliography. Credit will be granted only for courses completed with at least a B standing. Not necessary if copyright symbol appears on the title page.

Body of thesis and back matter: All pages following the body of the text must be listed too, including the Vita Auctoris page. If the decision is made to pass the paper with minor changes, it is expected that the supervisor and second reader will clearly establish for the student the changes that need to be made. To obtain a copy of a thesis of that is not available online, please send a request through Interlibrary Loan. No particular style for references is recommended so students should consult their supervisors about the appropriate style for their discipline. A thesis may be passed with no changes; passed with minor changes; or passed with major changes.

The supervisor will select the external examiner once the thesis has been approved to proceed to defence. The title should therefore be accurate, specific, and brief. At this time also, the supervisor is responsible for arranging for a chair of the defence committee.

The spacing of the typed lines should be consistent throughout the document. Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology This is an international database of citations for dissertations in musicology that contains over 12, records. Should match the Table of Contents in font size and general style. A thesis will be at least pages, but will not exceed pages, excluding notes and bibliography. Print this page Display text-only version. The giidelines of tables, figures, etc. Dissertations are from approximately to the present.


MRP & Thesis – Descriptions & Procedures | Department of Communication, Media and Film

Table of Contents – Manuscript. Traditional format This format organizes chapters around a central problem and is normally used when no part of the thesis has been published or submitted for publication.

uwindsor thesis guidelines

The pages must bear print on only one side of the sheet. All students in the M. Should match the Table of Contents in font size and general style – list not only the table captions but also their page number.

uwindsor thesis guidelines

Assigned uwinsdor number “iii” or “iv” and physically numbered. Introductory chapter to the entire thesis with its own bibliography Each subsequent chapter presented in a manuscript format without an abstractbut with its own bibliography and following consistently the same style, e.

This will be followed by an informal discussion regarding adjustments and future steps. Remove any private information from appended materials, such as signatures, personal phone numbers, addresses, etc. In these circumstances, the student should be advised that there is an increased likelihood that the paper will fail.

MRP & Thesis – Descriptions & Procedures

If changes are later required on your Thesis Agreement, please make the changes, and submit the revised form to the Education Graduate Program Office before requesting to go forward to defence. For details guidellines to using previously copyrighted material. If your program does not recommend any particular style manual, the following are widely-accepted examples of the numerous style manuals available: The body of the thesis follows, divided into chapters.


The major paper will proceed to defence when the supervisor believes that it is academically ready. Assigned page number iii or iv and physically numbered.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to select the internal examiner. For privacy concerns, students should not include personal information such as home address and phone numbers, full date of birth, etc.

Major Paper and Thesis

From there she went on to the University of Western Ontario where she obtained a B. Computer printers must produce letter quality print. In selecting your title, keep in mind that the systems used by libraries to retrieve the information contained in your usindsor rely on title keywords.

The supervisor will only recommend a thesis proceed to defence when it is academically ready even if this means that a student must register for an extra semester. Mary Scott was born in in Windsor, Ontario.

University of Windsor Search Enter the terms you wish to search for. University of Chicago Press Students in engineering and the sciences should consult their advisors for information about style manuals.

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