When incorporating published work, the minimum requirements are: The Chair of Examiners is an academic staff member at UQ who is familiar with your research discipline and will provide advice to the Graduate School. When you nominate your thesis examiners, you and your advisors have to complete a conflict of interest declaration. Each examiner has to: The summary recommendation form outlines the possible thesis outcomes. This enables the quality of the candidate to also be examined.

Preliminary pages Including publications in your thesis Plagiarism and iThenticate Nominating thesis examiners. Nomination of Examiners 5. Requests to exceed this word l imit must be approved by the Dean. Teaching and Learning 3. This is not a re-examination of the thesis but an opportunity for you to check that the candidate has made the changes you requested or academically defended not making the changes. Once you are sure of your submission date, email the Graduate School to begin the nomination process:. If you are required to undertake an oral examination, your thesis will not be recorded as submitted until the oral examination has been completed and you will remain actively enrolled in the program.

Where there is disparity between the reports of the two examiners, the Dean may determine that a third examiner be appointed. December – Update of oral examination section.

uq thesis examiners

If approved, the embargo will be examinners for a 3 year period in the first instance. Skip to menu Skip to content Skip to footer. Submitted papers must be clearly distinguished from work that has already been published or accepted for publication.


Revise and Resubmit Examination outcome: PhD – Doctor of Philosophy.

My thesis – – University of Queensland

The examiner receives a reminder email before the report is due, and two reminder emails — one week apart — if the report is overdue. This allows the Graduate School to evaluate the reports in their entirety prior to providing feedback on the corrections required. Examiners of UQ theses. The full amount will be deposited directly into the account you specified on the form.

If you are required to examinsrs an oral examination, your thesis will not be recorded as submitted until the oral examination has been completed and you will remain actively enrolled in the program.

SUPERSEDED – DO NOT USE – Nomination of Thesis Examiners for HDR Candidates – Form

Submit thesis corrections Examination outcome: Chair of Examiners – an academic member of the University who is familiar with the discipline and who is not part of the advisory team. October – removal of link to superseded form. Confidential examinations It is generally understood that all theses are dealt with in a confidential manner by examiners in all cases. This information outlines the role of examiners in the thesis examination process for graduate research degrees. Site search Search Menu.

Teaching and Learning 3. The best way to understand the requirements for a successful thesis is to read some recently written ones. It is important to note that examiners are advised to seek independent legal advice prior to signing the Iq Agreement, which will delay the examination beyond the standard examination period.


For any variation hhesis format the candidate must obtain the permission of the Dean. All thfsis your examiners need to be external to UQ.

1. Thesis preparation – – University of Queensland

July – Nomenclature updated. You can search by keyword, school and year.

Assessment of the thesis, combined with performance in the oral examination, results in a recommendation from the examiners as to whether the candidate should be awarded an HDR. Nomination of Examiners 5. Go to the Graduate School website to read about the role of examners examiners and the examination process. Criteria for examination Does the candidate demonstrate a significant and original contribution to knowledge PhD candidates?

uq thesis examiners

However, the determination of outcome remains with the Dean, thesos will consider the examiners’ written reports together with the report from the oral examination panel. Site search Search Menu. Is the thesis convincingly written?

Policy Statement The award of an HDR is based on independent assessment of the quality of the research output or thesis. Open Access – Thesis publically searchable and available via the Internet.

2. Thesis submission

For a candidate who has not submitted their thesis by 4 years FTE enrolment, a review of candidature may be conducted in accordance with PPL 4. April – Administrative amendment. Stages of examination are:

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