Typically, students are admitted only if a faculty member notifies the Graduate Coordinator that a student in the applicant pool should be accepted. Outright acceptance of the thesis and the defense. The thesis must be accompanied by the Tentative Thesis Acceptance Form. Students will be assigned a mailbox located on the first floor on Bryand Global Sciences Building adjacent to the main office for the School Room A Teaching Assistantship typically requires an average of 20 hours of work per week. At that point the student is judged to have completed all of the requirements for the Doctoral degree in Earth and Climate Sciences.

Submit the Notice of Oral to us at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled defense. We can consider applications year round, but most admission decisions for the fall semester are made in February and early March. The defense of the thesis is oral and consists of three parts: New students will be admitted only if there is clearly defined financial support for individuals. A three-hour time limit will be imposed on the presentation and questioning. Never pass up an opportunity to network and eat the free food!

This student identification card can be used as a debit card on campusis used to check out materials from the library, provides free access to grduate services, allows selective access to buildings, etc.

umaine graduate school thesis guidelines

We can consider applications year round, but most admission decisions for the fall semester are made in February and early March. Thesis Defense A complete, edited draft of the thesis should be submitted to the Advisory Committee at least one month prior to the anticipated date for the thesis defense no later than April 1 for May graduation, or November 1 for December graduation.


Students are encouraged to obtain a clear written statement from their advisor detailing the expectations for a Research Assistantship and arrangements for financial support.

Master of Science students must complete at least 30 credit hours of study in order to graduate. Once you have been given approval to thhesis so by the Graduate School, visit Fogler Library’s Theses Instruction page for steps to create a DigitalCommons account and enter metadata for your thesis or dissertation.

A thesis Advisory Committee must be established, sschool thesis topic identified by the end of their second semester. Oral Defenses Support your fellow students and attend an Oral Defense!

To obtain graduate credit for courses, an A or B grade must be earned. If a student guideline not select an advisor before starting the first semester, one will be assigned to the student by the graduate coordinator.

Your particular assistantship may require other training beyond the scope of these courses. A presentation by the graduate student lasting graruate 30 minutes that summarizes the problem, the scientific design, and the results of the investigation.

Once all revisions are completed, the thesis consultants will post your final thesis to DigitalCommons.

Honors College

The thesis consultants will review for formatting and consistency and return to you when completed. Doctoral students will complete a three-part evaluation during their tenure at the school: Show initiative with your research.

There will then be a period of questioning by the advisory committee and qualified personnel about the thesis material and gyidelines related material. Go where the free food is! Completion of Requirements The scbool should notify the Graduate Coordinator when it is time to complete the Completion of Requirements form.

umaine graduate school thesis guidelines

These activities include attending seminars sponsored by the School and supporting your fellow graduate students by attending proposal and thesis defense presentations. The School does not offer a non-thesis or professional degree, and all students must complete an original research project before graduating. Students thesiss have not completed these basic requirements may be admitted, but may be required to complete specific courses to fulfill deficiencies.


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Of the 33 credits of required course work, at least 15 must be completed in or higher level courses. Includes electronic access to records of dissertations accepted by American universities from Viewing Print copies of most University of Maine honors theses, masters theses, and doctoral dissertations are located in the Special Collections Department of Fogler Library. Students or an advisor may request an Advisory Umainw meeting shortly before submitting the Tentative Thesis Acceptance form.

umaine graduate school thesis guidelines

Be sure to check out the graduation requirements and deadlines. The thesis must be accompanied by the Tentative Thesis Acceptance Form. Work with your committee to schedule your defense. Additional copies should be available to each member of the Advisory Committee. Failure to meet this deadline, or an alternative one set by the Advisory Committee, will result in a delay in receiving the graduate degree. When to Register Full-time Status: Failure of the thesis defense.

Once all revisions to the thesis have been made, the Committee chair and Graduate Coordinator will sign Sections 2 and 3 of the Final Thesis Acceptance Form.

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