This appendix summarizes, in chronological order of publication, three foundational More information. Improve Your Energy Data Infrastructure: Solymosi and Dombi and Barron proposed the rank order centroid weights technique. Whitepaper April Four Strategies for Smarter Inventory Control Section 01 Synopsis This paper is provided for companies that carry inventory manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers. Among the main observations, it follows that: Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference R. With BSC, company s mission and business strategies can be translated and converted into targets and measures in the four perspectives described above.

Sonae MC identified the area related to the suppliers service levels in the direct store delivery distribution channel as one of the areas for improvement, particularly regarding the performance of the industrial bread s direct suppliers – problem to be studied in this paper. When Lean Comes to Service. Journal of Purchasing, 2 1 , Franceschini, F. The Warehouse Ltd Web Portal is free, easy and has improved our accuracy. Produce results by measuring the supplier performance. This event goes against the sales reality, which allows the identification of opportunities to improve. IT to Business Connecting the dots:

A prototype expert system for the evaluation and selection of potential suppliers. Through three different insignias – Continente, Modelo and Bom Dia – the company offers a varied and broad range of products to its customers.

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The objective of this study was to determine the actual status-quo in terms of existence of some stuudy of operations control, Figure 1 Industrial bread supply chain operations Direct store delivery channel 3.

A fuzzy approach for supplier evaluation and selection in supply chain management. The defined stydy indicators that characterize each one of these categories are described in table 1. Merces store, for only 2 times was registered an acceptable service level value in the first 2 weeks of June.


Conclusions In this paper, it was developed an evaluation model in order to determine the service levels of stidy industrial bread direct suppliers of Sonae MC company. About this item Settings Related products Abstract This case study provides a discussion of how SONAE MC, the largest food retailer in Portugal, has managed the implementation of lean practices in its food retail stores hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Sonae MC: When Lean Comes to Service | The Case Centre, for programme administrators

These operations are mainly performed by the supplier s representative, but can also be done by the store employees rare exceptions. Whitepaper April Four Strategies for Smarter Inventory Control Section 01 Synopsis This paper is provided for companies that carry inventory manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers. Therefore, this denotes an opportunity for improvement that should be explored by the company s responsible manager, in which by demanding a better performance from suppliers, could enhance sales further.

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sonae mc case study

Define an evaluation method; 3. The programs advise everything from new product More information.

Increase Revenues with Channel Sales Management Executive Summary Why is it so difficult to grow revenue, identify emerging customers and partners, and expand into new markets through the indirect sales. Balanced Scorecard is one of the modern methods of management currently being applied mainly by More information.

This means that the supplier s distributor generally accumulates a lot of disposable products on the store warehouse. Build a model to investigate system and discovering relations that connect variables in a database. Define activity mix in logistics business 3.

sonae mc case study

Evaluation of supplier capability and performance: The production operation, performed by the suppliers, involves the fulfillment of production plans in accordance to orders placed by the stores. Improve Your Energy Data Infrastructure: Finally, in-store operations involve the reception, storage, shelves replenishment, product management returns and ordering suggestion.


Brasilia, Brazil, December 3 5, Merces, considering such things as impact on sales and dimensionsover the period of 3 months since June until August of and analyzing the performance of just one of the industrial bread suppliers Bimbo company.

Industrial manufacturers as well as CPG stidy place a high level of strategic emphasis on growing product revenue while emphasizing a decrease in both product cost and product development cost all.

Performance measurement of supply chain management: Sonaae business concept to visualization KPI: In this context, the relationship between suppliers and retailers has gained increased importance, where the performance of each of these entities has direct and reciprocal impacts. Purchasing and supply chain management: This is one of the most important indicators to retain from the supplier md, since the reinforcement in the replenishment operation can solve many in-store problems.

The main advantages of the direct delivery process stusy the logistics area are the following: Chen Abstract Performance appraisal of employee is important in managing the human resource of an organization.

sonae mc case study

The case includes three main sections: Thus, in order to measure the supplier performance, it is necessary to create some performance indicators. In conclusion, it is expected that this work will be useful for Sonae MC, and that the developed tools can serve as support not only for the decision-making questions related csae the industrial bread suppliers, but also to help identify opportunities for improvement in this direct delivery business, and consequently increase industrial bread sales.

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