The biology of neural cells will be covered such as demyelination, axonal transport and stem cell replacement. We will then go on to examine the challenges of strategy implementation, including analysing structural, cultural and functional issues. A resit counts as one of your permitted attempts for a module. The synergy between European and international initiatives in developing a system of global governance in the field will be analysed and the impact of such system on domestic legal systems will be explored. Permission to retake will be approved by the relevant Examination Board.

In this module students would be expected to understand the evolution of accounting standards and the contribution of pan national organizations such as the EU and International Accounting Standards Board IASB. Dr Stellios Arseniyadis Overlap: Students will also learn how to collect and organize data that comes from real or natural experiments, to analyze such data and to report on their results in ways that are accessible to non-specialists. International arbitration proceedings in the energy sector have seen an important increase in recent years, both in terms of their numbers and their economic and political importance. These techniques are appropriate to projects that deliver complex outcomes in a context of high uncertainty about the desired result.

Students will explore, compare and integrate a variety of theories of persuasion grounded in research from the fields of linguistics, psychology, sociology, and rhetoric. It focuses on how e-commerce businesses are sbbcs to undertake and structure their online activities, and on how legal creativity might be used to reduce or eliminate legal uncertainties.

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Prof Tony Vlcek Overlap: This module seeks to provide a coherent introduction into the roles that metals play in biological and medicinal systems. This Module examines the harmonization efforts, specifically the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime and the EU framework for the harmonization of the law in the fields of cybercrime.


Case studies and examples are used heavily throughout the module in order to highlight common practice and explore ethical dilemmas in the practice of persuasion across different business, national and ethnic cultures. It aims to provide both a theoretical and practical approach to the analysis of these issues.

qmul sbcs essay mark scheme

Prof Duncan Matthews Overlap: Thus, the module covers both relationship marketing and network marketing theory and practice and thereby fosters an understanding of how organisations are embedded in a net of business exchanges, which create interdependencies between business actors.

Special attention is paid to Catalan drama. There is no language requirement for essay module; therefore it is suitable for students with no knowledge of Catalan and Spanish. Key quantitative techniques e.

qmul sbcs essay mark scheme

This module will explore aspects of the European political, economic, social and cultural context that are relevant for managers doing business in Europe. This module is structured around three main key areas: If you are deregistered then you may appeal using the College Appeal Regulations if you feel that you have legitimate grounds on which to do so.

Dr Devis Di Tommaso Overlap: This module will examine the main type of contracts used in the upstream petroleum industry Production Sharing Agreements, Concessions and Service Agreements and their most important legal and fiscal mechanisms and the reasons why these are so frequently changed.

Examination esssay via oral presentation and project; however the project will be integrative across the whole course so that it discourages over-specialisation. Consideration will also be given to the challenges posed by the nature of the contemporary media: Futurism, Dada, Expressionism and the Theatre of the Absurd are included.

Nuclear power is still part of the energy matrix of many states being a low carbon process and ensuring energy security. The module is core.

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Ms Laura Edgar Overlap: This module analyses unethical practices arising in business and in the financial sector and links them with corresponding corporate governance problems. Spectroscopic maark have revolutionised our understanding of matter at the molecular level and are essential tools in chemical research and in the development of the subject.


qmul sbcs essay mark scheme

This module will also give students insight into the workings of the common law. Study only modules and transcriptable modules detailed above are listed on the transcript but do not contribute to the sbce award. Taking love as a unifying theme, it will explore a series of genres traditional lyric, song-bookstime periods from the 13th to the 15th centuryand themes within medieval literary culture translation and multilingualism.

To Be Confirmed Overlap: The module is data driven and covers the basics of: The dissertation forms an important part of the assessment of the MSc Programmes, carrying a weighting of four modules i.

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Focus is then given to reactivity, using shcs mechanistic approach to discuss topics such as nucleophillic substitution, elimination reactions, electrophillic addition, aromatic chemistry and carbonyl chemistry. Ms Zahra Sharifonnasabi Overlap: Dr Androniki Triantafylle Overlap: This module will focuses on a practical project in order to provide participants with hands-on experience of how to use different types of evidence and information both to identify real HRM problems and their potential solutions.

Second, this course looks at the economics of antitrust through market definition and merger and acquisitions.

This module covers the most important pieces of EU legislation applicable to capital markets.

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