Early June 10, in the face of a growing dome, increasing ash emission and worrisome seismicity, 15, nonessential personnel and dependents were evacuated by road from Clark to Subic Bay. Most of the Philippines living in the Luzon area were evacuated to various evacuation centers for their safety. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours On June 12, the danger radius was extended to 30 kilometres Additionally, a powerful steam ruptured three craters on the north edge of the volcano. By then, almost all aircraft had been removed from Clark and local residents had evacuated.

With the ashfall came darkness and the sounds of lahars rumbling down the rivers. The eruption removed so much magma and rock from below the volcano that the summit collapsed to form a large volcanic depression or caldera 1. Some text in the modal. This claim can be justified by the fact that a few months after the major earthquake, small earthquakes resulting from the magma forcing its way beneath Mt Pinatubo were felt by the villagers. The base has been repurposed as a trade and commercial center with large airport.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The volcanic eruption emitted approximately 15 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, which reacted with water for a hazy layer of particles consisting primarily of sulfuric acid droplet Rosenberge, Notable economic effects of Mt Pinatubo eruption include damages to the infrastructure, factories, complete ruin of Clarke airbase, damage to farm lands and animals. The cloud was then carried through the air from the base of the volcano by the strong winds of typhoon Yunya.

This is the highest mountain in Washington. It is noteworthy that the government of Philippines responded quickly to early warnings of the researchers of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology in collaboration with the United States Geological Surveyor regarding possibility of climatic eruption of Mt Pinatubo.


Up to people were killed andbecame homeless following the eruptions, which climaxed with nine hours of eruption on the 15th June. For instance, it is estimated that at least lives were lost, more than 1 million people displaced with more than half a billion damage in economic and property spheres.

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As a result of eruption a coincidental typhoon took place causing a major shower in the Luzon area leading to massive mudflow and debris from the mountain to the adjoining lowlands. Mount Pinatubo is an active volcano located in the central part of the island.

The Ash Warriorsby C. At Pinatubo, the quick deployment of monitoring instruments and preparation of a volcanic hazards map by the PHIVOLCS and VDAP team helped to better understand the precursors of volcanic activity and provided the basis for accurate warnings of impending eruptions. Luzon is an island in the Philippines situated approximately northwest of the capital city Manila. Helens eruption was not devastating in terms of humanitarian crisis and destruction of property compared to Pinatubo eruption owing to the fact that the area was surrounded by large forest with less human settlement unlike in Philippines where the eruption took place in densely populated area.

mt. pinatubo essay

Copyrights Mount Pinatubo from BookRags. A good illustration is the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in The post-eruption landscape at Pinatubo was disorienting; familiar but at the same time, totally different. The ipnatubo at the Dau pinatuo post watched monitoring stations on Pinatubo fail, destroyed by the eruption. The heavy rains that fell in the Midwest during the summer ofwere also believed to be related to Pinatubo’s eruption.

It is known as a stratovolcano which is a large, steep volcano built up.

Fine ash fell as far away as the Indian Ocean, and satellites tracked the ash cloud as it traveled several times around the globe. An evacuation area 20 kilometres The Clark Air Base sprawled over nearly 10, acres with its western end nestled in the lush, gently rolling foothills of the Zambales Mountains—only 9 miles 14 km east of Mount Pinatubo. Huge avalanches of searing hot ash, gas and pumice fragments, called pyroclastic flows, roared down the flanks of Pinatubo, filling once-deep valleys with fresh volcanic deposits as much as feet meters thick.


Several houses and personal property were partially or totally destroyed during the event leaving people homeless.

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If the huge volcanic eruption were not enough, Typhoon Yunya moved ashore at the same time with rain and high winds. The Physical Make-up of Esday Essay words – 7 pages dense cloud of ash-laden gas explodes from the crater and rises high above the peak.

Mount Saint Helens words – 7 pages History. Aboutother people who evacuated from the lowlands surrounding Pinatubo before and during the eruptions have returned home but face continuing threats from lahars mudflows that have already buried numerous towns, villages and field.

The arc of the volcanoes is believed to be the result of the subduction of the manila trench to the west. Helens The Pinatubo eruption of mid was the largest in terms of size and potential effect compared to the Mt.

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Over the last years, there has been 12 significant Volcanic Eruptions. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! It became active once again erupting.

Explosive — the second biggest eruption this century. Tools and expertise would no longer be confined to what was physically at the observatory, but instead a global support group would be available to aid the response.

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