Sounds reasonable to me. Manual fluke 87 espanol Sep 14, This is very good. In this case we will learn how to determine anappropriate rate. Help Center Find new research papers in: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

We considered the small company stock average annual return of Then, we run the regressions of the stock returns over market returns, the slope of which represents the beta equity for each of the comparable firms Exhibit Skip to main content. If you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them. I can recall only one example:

Our analysis reveals that the estimated WACC is finace In this case we will learn how to determine anappropriate rate. The project implies large expenditures, thus it will be implemented only if the return is higher that the cost of capital. Typically analysts use the stock market return minus U.

hbs ameritrade corporate finance case study solution

Then, we run the regressions of the stock returns over market returns, the slope of which ameritrase the beta equity for each of the comparable firms Exhibit The conclusion is that the company is entirely financed by equity.

We are nonprofit website to share and download documents. The data provided by our analysis suggest that Ameritrade should implement the investment strategy only in the case of a very high return, that is only stidy the expectation on return exceeds the cost of capital. Cost of Capital Recommendation After calculations, it is recommended that Ameritrade use a cost of capital of Page 3, first paragraph of case Risk-Free Rate: The project, being mostly about technology advancements, would not last longer than 5 years to implement therefore making the 6.


This high hurdle rate means thatAmeritrade should only accept projects with a very high potential rate of return aslong as they are of similar risk levels.

We are talking about real projects, with investmentin people and technologies, etc. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. In order to assess the cost of capital of the project we calculated the beta equity for each firm firstly computing the monthly stock returns having taken into consideration dividends and stock splits adjustments Footnote 2. That is, we would estimate the slope of the line ameritraee bestfits: Published on December Categories: A cost of capital is a weighted average of the cost of debt and equity.

I shall try to finish Friendly Cards in time. Thus, the average equity beta, 2. Also, largestocks tend to better estimate the market than small stocks. Subsequently, our market risk premium MRP was calculated to be 7.

Ameritrade Case Study by Markella Neocleous on Prezi

Ameritrade needs a cost of capital to evaluate new projects. The CAPM provides a useful framework for determining the discount rate by definingthe risk premium above. We use market value proportionsof debt and equity see CAPM, p. ameritade

In order to evaluate Ameritrade investments we selected three comparable firms: Additionally, the 3 or 6-month Treasury bill would not allot for the project to be completed on time while the year treasury bond is too much time since the technology industry is ever changing.

Ameritrade Levered Beta 4. TD Ameritrade – 5star sample.


Ameritrade Case

Please download to get full document. Since the projects are in the future, we should use current at the time of the case yields, not historical rates. Of course our evaluation is affected by assumption made on the choice of the industry and comparable firms, the tax rate considered and the choice of the risk free rate measurement.

hbs ameritrade corporate finance case study solution

The firm is considering an investment in technology and advertising in order to improve its competitive position through a strategy that expands the customer base by exploiting economies of scale. In fact, Ricketts main aim is that of maximizing shareholder value and if the expected returns are higher than the WACC, he is going to invest, even if there is a chance of bankrupting the firm.

Notice that since the company is considered to be entirely equity financed, the situation and the final result may have a final excursus different from the one provided, due to the possibility of benefits from leveraging in Exhibit 5 we see how Waterhouse Investors Services is leveraged and has lower WACC than Ameritrade, but other factors may affect this result and a deeper analysis could avoid to reach a misleading conclusion.

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