Electronic Financial Transaction Act. Gmarket has monthly coupons for additional discounts on top of the already discounted prices. Our success will depend in large part on our ability to increase the activity level of our existing users by encouraging the sellers to utilize the various premium listings, banner ads and keyword search options and providing various incentives to the buyers to continue purchasing products through our website as well as attract new users to our website by increasing the awareness of our services and our brand recognition. We are not affiliated with any ecommerce service, platform, or provider. Also, the online service provider may only gather the minimum necessary information directly related to the service it provides.

Have you taken the 90 Minute Challenge? Notwithstanding our continued belief that we qualified for such tax benefit and the lack of objections from the NTS regarding our prior tax returns, in the event that the NTS audits us and determines that we were, in fact, not entitled to such tax benefit, we may be required to pay additional taxes in the amount applicable to such claimed deduction together with statutory interest on such amounts. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I accept all the privacy policies and customer services. The frequent recurrence and persistence of network interruptions, slowdowns or loss of critical data would likely have a long-term negative impact on our reputation and brand name and is likely to have a negative impact on the growth of our user base and GMV, which is likely to have a material adverse effect on our business, prospects, financial condition and results of operations. Gmarket is a Korean online auction and shopping mall website, where people from all around the world buy and sell goods and services. Our inability to stop third parties from using our brand names may hurt our reputation, impede our ability to improve our brand name recognition and harm our business.

In cases where a buyer earns a stamp as a result of a purchase transaction and then successfully converts this stamp into a coupon, the related reserve in respect of the stamp is released and a reserve is created in respect of the discount gkarket. E-Commerce Consumer Protection Act.

Gmarket also offers loyalty and discounting programs, called Gstamp and Smile Points, to help retain existing customers. Registered buyers may earn loyalty points, or Gmarket Miles, by purchasing eligible products.


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Although we currently archive our databases periodically, store our backup data at KIDC and maintain back-up systems, such systems are vulnerable to damage and no assurance can be given that such backups will be adequate to protect the data and other information or that we will be able to continue our business operations without a material delay or loss of data in the event of damage to our systems from natural disasters, fire, power loss, telecommunications stucy, break-ins, sabotage, computer viruses, intentional acts of Internet vandalism, human error or other similar events.

Net income loss applicable to common shareholders. We believe that period-to-period comparisons of our results of operations should not be relied upon as indicative of caee performance.

We believe we are a leading retail e-commerce marketplace in Korea based on gross merchandise value, or GMV, gamrket represents the total value of all goods sold on an e-commerce marketplace. No assurance can be given that our experience and know-how in building and gmarkt our Korean e-commerce business will aid us in marketing and expanding a successful e-commerce business in Japan or other overseas markets as e-commerce market characteristics and consumer preferences differ in the different geographic markets.

Inwe generated taxable income. We do not pass through credit card commissions to sellers.

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Please write an item review and get max 2 Gstamps or 0. Error Notification While uploading errors are recorded.

gmarket case study

To meet these statutory liabilities, and in accordance with the standards set by the FSC, the electronic financial service provider must subscribe for insurance, become a member of a mutual relief association, or set aside gmaarket reserve.

We have, however, irrevocably appointed an agent in New Shudy to receive service of process in any proceedings in the State of New York relating to our ADSs. Our commission is calculated as a percentage of the GMV of each transaction, and we record revenues from transaction fees net of our estimate of return allowances and sales incentives. Let us know what your favorite items to shop online for are in the comments below!

Ecommerce in South Korea: Aggressive Discounting, Rewards | Practical Ecommerce

In addition, in Octoberthe United States proposed plans to withdraw approximately one-third of the 37, troops currently stationed in Hmarket by the gmarkft of We believe sellers, whether they are small businesses, online merchandisers, large manufacturers or individuals, are attracted to our website for our cost effective, end-to-end sales and marketing channel and access to a broad audience of buyers. In Maywe also began offering mobile payment options.


As a result, actual results may differ materially from our estimates. However, we believe that we were entitled to a reduction in the statutory tax rate to If we are held liable in any such litigation brought against us in the future, we may be subject to substantial damages. We have historically generated all of our revenues from operations in Korea.

Our cost of revenues, which represented Coupang is likely the fastest growing. Its delivery service staff acts as brand ambassadors by handing out product samples and handwritten thank you notes. While the facts and circumstances of each case will differ, the duty of care required of a director under Korean law may not be the same as the fiduciary duty of a director of a corporation incorporated in the United States.

Most of our sellers arrange for delivery of a purchased item with a delivery company chosen by them. We filed tax returns, together with documents supporting our expenditures relating to technology development and human resources, with the tax authorities for fiscal yearsand No system, no matter how well designed and implemented can protect against all loss or misappropriation of customer data.

All payments are paid directly to us, which we hold and distribute to the seller only upon confirmation that the sale has been completed, which is when the buyer receives the product.

Animal Socks Search Victory! In addition, we will incur additional costs associated with complying with such regulations, including costs associated with establishing new policies and investing more capital in new technologies and infrastructure that may be necessary as a result of such new legal and regulatory requirements.

Competition for qualified personnel in the areas in which we compete remains intense and the pool of qualified candidates is limited.

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