The Rochester Grammar School was by a long way the most oversubscribed grammar in Medway, turning away grammar school qualified first choices, as a result of seeing its pass mark to soar to its highest ever, the year before it scraps super selection completely. Education Ltd, set up in November , and dissolved in February this year never filed accounts, although very active. Could the school indicate tot he Appeal Panel that it would put another form or entry on. At present, according to Kent Online , The Department for Education has not settled the total finance available, which may define the number of pupils and the conditions the school can support. A school in England has done something beyond the normal limits of what is to be expected of children: Hundred of Hoo Academy.

The ooc places taken up are mainly at Chatham Girls, Holcombe and Rochester grammar schools, offering over 60 ooc places each. There is nothing you can do for the good immediately, as you have to work through the laid down processes, and you can undermine your prospects by taking a wrong action. The problem has only occurred at these two schools where admission is by success at either the Medway Test or the Kent Test. Westgate , Dartford, was placed in Special Measure in , KCC subsequently failing to prepare effective plans to make progress. Marion Cotillard nails casual chic in a navy anorak jacket and a mesh T-shirt as she steps out during Cannes Film Festival Big Fish actress, 43 ‘She is begging the school to let her back in’:

I have written about such issues in the past and it is pleasing to see the CCE place much of the blame for petirion EHE on a minority of schools themselves. The Independent Appeal Panel has never upheld more than four appeals in recent years, all girls who have passed the Medway Test, with the Appeal Panel enforcing the Review rules tightly.

I make no claims to have inspectorial skills and so rarely visit schools, but to my eye this is a school to be proud of.

Jo Saxton, who has considerable high level experience in curriculum matters, now plans to focus on it, being the original reason she took on the Turner Schools post we learn for the first timebeing freed up from other strategic responsibilities by Mr Murphy.


Always popular and as usual, third most oversubscribed school in Medway this year. A few schools have an intake with a different number, especially some small rural schools in East Kent where this does not apply. Does no one on the Council care about education????

folkestone academy homework petition

The possibilities are endless but surely the probability needs to be nil. Chaucer School, Canterbury They will be having a Cake Cover letter yes or no during the day, if you are able to provide any donations please bring to H House on Wednesday morning.

ACT – The Association of Christian Teachers

The CCE recommends strongly that: One academg revelation folkfstone me at least was the statement acadsmy the Regional Fllkestone Commissioner may only intervene with academies that are causing concern if they are inadequate, primarily because of funding issues although there have been a couple of counter examples recently.

The CCE folkestonne that: In a rational sense this could simply be argued as a technical error, and there is no injustice as families presumably put those schools down expecting to appeal after being rejected This does not take account of the distress caused by having a place withdrawn a month after being told the child was going to grammar school, some families having assumed that there must have been an additional method of assessment which found them eligible. The forecast demand indicated in the table above is skewed by surplus capacity in Cranbrook, which is outside of the historical travel to learn distance for children resident in Tunbridge Wells Town.

St George’s CofE Gravesend. I think they are trying to tell me something! The service has been based on my recognised and unparalleled independent experience of education matters in Kent and Medway.

But headteacher Warren Smith said: But due to changes in government policy the school is not achieving the right results which is already hard enough when all the brightest students in Folkestone go to the two grammar schools. I have no idea what will happen at appeal following the debacle, as explained in several articles, most recently here.

Folkestone academy homework petition

This was the second occasion we sparred, although we were both very concerned about the pressure on places, with six of Kent’s 12 districts having no vacancies in any school and a further places being added somehow at schools across the county, folkesgone head off the pressure of place.


I am sorry that homeork full analysis of Kent Test results has been delayed this year, but I hope to publish it soon. I also note that some schools complete an autumn census.

folkestone academy homework petition

You need to pick extra activities or your homework. Maidstone Grammar is the only one of the six grammar schools to be homswork forwith first choices for its places. This will comes as news to the outstanding staff who brought the school from Inadequate to Outstanding in just five years under the leadership of Suzanne Dickinson. The Medway secondary transfer procedure for grammar schools follows the School Admissions Code of Practice, stating that if a child is unsuccessful at Review an Appeal Panel cannot uphold an appeal unless the appellant can prove the process is unfair.

There are many connections between schools in these two tables, as families seek to avoid some of those in the table above, to chase places elsewhere making them even more popular.

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Prior to the new policy, ‘extension’ vocational activities were hkmework between 3. The academy is an increasingly popular school in the rapidly growing Ebbsfleet Garden City community’. Prior to the intervention of lawyers in mid-March, she had spent every day since mid-January in isolation, meaning she had to remain silent throughout the day and had no directed teaching.

The School should open in temporary accommodation in with Year 7 places, and in on the new site as a 6FE school. During the summer holidays last year parents protested angrily over the school’s plans to reintroduce homework despite a longer school day.

Appeal Panels rarely awarded places to more than six children before the change in priority, almost exclusively those who have passed the Medway Test. Secondly, there is no proof that it is the child’s unaided work at least one school works on preparing portfolios to impress Panels!

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