Retrieved May 25, According to the Climate Risk Index of Germanwatch, Bangladesh is the top sufferer of last decade in the world due to climatic disasters Total area of the affected four Upazilas is October 52 http: In some areas, cyclone shelters were also flooded and unusable due to inadequate location selection process and poor maintenance. Some of the respondents 2.

This study may be the first step to examine the socio-economic situation of the displaced people through a participatory approach. Due to their responsibilities and capability of selling the labour, people of these age-groups migrate very fast from the affected areas though women and children suffer the most in any natural and manmade disastrous situation. This page was last edited on 2 May , at There are some policies including ‘Khasland state owned land Distribution Policy, Ashrayan relocation Policy and Social Safety Net Services to safeguard the vulnerable communities. Renowned International media e. For this reason, it is not easy to identify these classes of people. But the opportunities were too limited to survive with a family of 5 members average size of Bangladesh.

As the cultivable lands were under water for a couple of months, farmers and agricultural labours had no work. No injuries were reported cjclone the state.

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Total area of the affected four Upazilas is Almost all of the studies used secondary data for socioeconomic, scientific and policy analysis and recommendations. The study clearly illustrates that hand in hand activities of members of the community is needed to develop their stuey to prevent, prepare for, cope with and respond to disasters.

The poorest and the poor communities had left their areas at the first shaking of cyclone Aila as they have to live on hand to mouth and totally depend on daily income through labour. While, a group of experts express that the term “environmental refugee” is confusing and inaccurate because people forced to flee their countries due to natural disasters weren’t entitled to international protection and assistance under refugee law The next day, the army used helicopters to provide food to the affected population.


The height and width of the embankments reduced naturally and loss its strength to protect ajla areas Higher Middle Class Taka 10, the rich people are found very 3.

Department of Primary Education. Implications for Food Security, Food Policy 19, no 2 According to the pilot survey undertaken in this study, 41 slums were found where the Aila migrants have taken shelter.

In its first assessment report inthe IPCC made a specific link between migration and climate change, sayings its effects could displace millions Due to these subversive activities, the embankments could not resist the pressure of the storm surge and the saline water leaped in the localities. Ministry of Environment and Forest.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Cyclone toll rises to 45, rescue ops begin”. Numerous villages were either completely submerged in floodwaters or destroyed.

People also migrate due to some pull factors like higher education opportunities, better job opportunities, better living conditions, political and religious freedom, enjoyment, education, better medical care, attractive climates, security, family links, industry and better chances of marrying3. Displacement and Migration from Cyclone-affected Coastal Areas.

Cyclone Aila

Primarily the people took shelter in the local ctclone institutions and from where all of the educational materials washed out by the storm surge. To represent the humanitarian situation of the displaced people 10 case stories were also collected.


Appropriate policy reformation actions for stopping saline water shrimp farming in the southwest coastal zone considering food security and traditional livelihoods of the region. After days the migration started from Koyra, Dacope and Shyamnagar.

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Banvladesh of Origin of the Aila refugees After analyzing the area of taking shelter it is seen that the trend of taking shelter is concentrated in under- developed pockets which are near to the centre of Khulna city.

Cyclone Aila has been described as a benchmark of Bangladesh’s success in implementation of effective disaster management system. Health officials in Bangladesh confirmed a deadly outbreak of diarrhoea on 29 May, with more than 7, people being infected and four dying.

Afsar, Rita in Banglapedia, Dhaka: The people, especially the extreme poor and vulnerable people, tried to sustain in the affected areas.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Due to extreme climatic events, which are treated as natural disasters, are increasing and causing forced migration of the poorer and natural resource dependant people from their ancestral homes.

But when water scarcity with food crisis arisen, they had to migrate to the nearby cities and urban areas. But the global leaders showed less responsibility to mitigate the crisis The death toll of cyclone Aila waswhich is comparatively very low in Bangladesh perspective.

OctoberIssue 31; www. Among them, more than thousand people became refugee and took shelter in nearby towns and cities including the neighbouring country.

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