Organization of visit and lecture of prof. US CAS matching grant: Research trip to Denmark: La Presse [Montreal], Feb. About Ce qui nous tient. Radio Canada FM, Montreal.

Un continente a la deriva? Papers at conferences on my works Radio-Canada, Montreal, Round table. Organizer of lecture by Serbian writer Negovan Rajic. Guest author and speaker.

XYZ [Montreal 96 Winter All my books are listed on that site for the public to review and share their comments. On American writer William Burroughs. Les Cahiers de Limentinus.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Interview by Linda Garnick-Grieve. Editura Universitatii de Vest] Interview by Christiane Laforge. Survey of French-Canadian Short Story. Mitchell Literary Prize, Toronto, Can. Excerpts staged by students of Drama class.

curriculum vitae ebeniste

Respondent at session “Le Haptisme” on my work. Web March 12, The Globe and Mail [Toronto], Sept. On Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature.

Gildas Berthelot

Ginette Adamson and Eunice Myers. Two p-issues per year. Issue of Dialogues francophones [U. Voix et images [Montreal] 82 Consultant for Ben Houfrid.


curriculum vitae ebeniste

Local ground transportation provided. A study of French poetry in prose.

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May, Moirans Fr. Grotte Chauvet-Pont d’Arc 33, ans, mots.

curriculum vitae ebeniste

University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Nov. Verlag Volk und Welt, l US Georgetown U.

Gildas Berthelot | Designer et ébéniste

Interview by Manuel Houssais. Interview by Jean Brousseau. The Sentry, followed by The Secret Voice. Resulted in my invitation to teach an intensive course on Quebec literature, and the award-winning translation into Thai of one of my short stories, which brought more international visibility to ULL.

Peter Lang Publishing, Thompson, while I was on sabbatical in France. Huit ans au coeur du monde imaginaire du peintre Jean Paul Lemieux.

A survey of Quebec Literature in all genres novel, theatre, poetry, essay.

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