Monitoring of attendance may therefore take place at any point during your enrolment period and the use of academic facilities e. In control engineering, a discrete-time system has the following closed-loop transfer function: The bar-coded coversheets can be generated from NOVA, an online assessments system, which can be accessed by all students from – https: However, you may request that your personal data is not used for any or all of the following purposes: Collusion includes the conscious collaboration, without official approval, between two or more students, or between a student s and another person, in the preparation and production of work which is then submitted as individual work. These include but are not limited to the right to:

Academic support classes offer you the opportunity to improve the academic skills you need to be successful on your course. Final year BAME student? Two copies should be printed double-sided ; one for your own records and the other, to be submitted, must include a printed bar-coded coversheet. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. A PAB considers the results of each student on a particular course and makes decisions on progression and awards. If you do not succeed in redeeming the failure s via resit, the Programme Assessment Board may use its discretion to allow you to repeat the module s at the next available opportunity. Please note that this information is not part of the formal University Regulations.

Failure to do so may put your visa at risk.

Please note univefsity if you disagree with the academic judgement of an Assessment Board about how it has assessed the merits of an individual piece of your work or about how it has reached a decision on your progression or on your final grade, this will not constitute valid reasons for requesting a review. Of these marks, 75 marks are for accuracy cofentry the mathematics, clear logical arguments, calculations and use of appropriate software packages if appropriate.


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If you wish to change your module selection after the Monday of the third week of teaching, your only option is to withdraw from your course or reduce your programme by withdrawing from a particular module or modules.

Examples of such dishonesty include collusion, falsification, deceit, plagiarism and cheating in examinations. Full details of the regulations that govern the examination process are available in the General Regulations, which are available on the internet. In order to make clear to readers the distinction between your words, images etc. Read the rest of this topic 97 words. Academic support classes offer you the opportunity to improve the academic skills you need to be successful on your course.

Thefts, loss of coursework or failure to keep back-up files are not valid reasons. An act of misconduct, will include, but is not be limited to, failure to observe all University rules and regulations including local regulations and codes of conduct in relation to the academic Faculties, Schools and Centres, Professional Services and University Residences.

This also applies to such organisations that write essays, devise IT coding etc.

coventry university nova coursework

Have you heard about academic support classes? The remaining 5 marks are for the general presentation.

CAW changes to note. Should unforeseen circumstances arise, before the due date of the work, then you may apply for an extension to the submission deadline of up to two calendar weeks. Failure to do so will impact negatively on your degree. You must meet all attendance requirements as specified for individual modules or as specified for your course overall. Re-assessment by resit is restricted to one attempt. The main examination periods normally take place at the end of each block of teaching, however many exams take place at other times as well your course tutor will advise you if your exams have a different schedule.


Ethics It is a requirement for all students and staff conducting research to gain ethical approval before conducting their research.

coventry university nova coursework

Be the face of the University. These include but are not limited to the right to: It is very important that you are fully aware of these Regulations and that coirsework follow them at all times. We are running the following The University’s Careers Service may also be able to provide valuable information and guidance to help you with your decision. One further re-assessment attempt is associated with a repeat attempt.

Your co-operation is expected in actively protecting the integrity of the assessment process. E Academic dishonesty Academic dishonesty covers any attempt by a student to gain unfair advantage e.

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Plagiarism is the act of using other people’s words, images etc. Original marks are not taken forward to combine with repeat marks. For other assessments, only a sample of work across a range of marks will be subject to the internal moderation process. C Ubiversity to your individual modules Where your course includes option modules, you are expected to finalise your module choices before the end of the previous academic year.

coventry university nova coursework

Individuality of the coursework In order to introduce a certain degree of individuality in the coursework, each student will work with a different value of a parameter m generated by the following MATLAB R commands: Can I opt out?

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