Finding libraries that hold this item For example, if you wanted to find out whether glove use was more effective than hand washing in the prevention of the spread of infection, you would find stronger evidence from a randomised controlled trial which looked at a comparison between the two approaches than in a study Book ratings by Goodreads. At face value there seems to be no shortage of literature that addresses this topic. The reader needs to know that you undertook a comprehensive and systematic approach to your literature review and the only way to determine this is to give a full account of your literature review process. What literature will be relevant to my literature review?

These data are not numerical but are collected, often through interview, using the words and descriptions given by participants. A poor question will be vague and it will not be clear which literature is most appropriate to address the question. Russell and Gregory report that over 40 approaches have been identified in the literature. For example, one week working mothers are told that preschool care benefits their child and the next they are told that it is better for the child to stay at home. It will be useful to discuss this process in depth with your supervisor. Writing up your results Telling a story with your data Incorporating your critical appraisal What do I do if my information only partially addresses my research question?

The purpose of grounded theory revjew the systematic development of a theory from a set of data that are collected for the purposes of the research. However, those undertaking a literature review as their research method of choice need to consider whether the research question is easily answerable from the literature. However, it also demonstrates the need for an adequate evidence base which is reviewed and presented in a systematic way, so that an academic judgement can be made about avsyard links postulated by Wakefield rather than a judgement made on one small piece of published information.

WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. In this book, literature review methodology is discussed and an approach to Finally, the findings crae all the papers that are identified and incorporated for the review are then pulled together and combined using a systematic approach.


Doing a Literature Review in Health and Social Care: A Practical Guide

Within the time span of a small-scale project, the researcher would be unable to cover the breadth of the topic and would be unlikely to be able to reach any conclusion based on the evidence reviewed. You must engage in the literature review using a systematic approach and you may be surprised by the outcomes.

aveyard h. (2010) doing a literature review in health and social care

Secondary sources often comment on primary sources. This literature is not likely to be extensive and should yield a manageable avsyard of data to appraise and critique. Action research is often designed and conducted by practitioners who analyse the data to improve their own practice. This third edition includes: Frequently asked questions Glossary References Index show more.

Empirical research papers tend to be organised into sections, beginning with a research question, followed by an account of the methods undertaken to address the research question, followed by the results and finally a discussion and conclusion. This ensures that the search for literature is specifically related to the study question. It should also be answerable from the caree.

Doing a Literature Review in Health and Social Care – PDF Free Download

Evidence-based practice has been described as a new paradigm within health and social care which has gradually emerged since the s. Furthermore, for questions not concerned with effectiveness of treatments or interventions, there are often more appropriate ways of collecting data that will address the research question rather than an RCT. This means there can be some confusion concerning the meaning of a systematic review.

En sommar i Brighton Lucy Diamond. It does not represent the whole picture — it represents merely a section of that picture and needs to be set in the context of other information. Sample size tends to be small in a qualitative study, due to the need to develop an in-depth understanding of a particular area.


Doing a Literature Review in Health and Social Care

She discusses how her research question for her doctoral study was developed out of her postgraduate-level research and through discussion with those working in the area and extended reading. In almost every case it will be possible to find an aspect of the revuew topic that reflects the dojng of the professional course for which the dissertation is to be submitted, especially when considering the broad knowledge base upon which professional courses are based.

Instead, they code the data according to ideas arising from within it. Researchers undertaking a literature review for this purpose must systematically search, critique and combine the literature but their focus is to demonstrate a gap in the existing research base rather than to shed new light on the existing research. If you come across research papers in your initial search for literature, email the authors and ask their advice as to which aspect of the topic they feel could be further explored through a literature review.

You will often get ideas from reading research and other papers that have already been published in the area in which you are interested. How do I develop a question for my literature review?

aveyard h. (2010) doing a literature review in health and social care

Amazon reviews for the 2nd edition: The process of undertaking a literature review has also been introduced in this chapter. These were then brought together and systematically reviewed so that the results from each one could be viewed together as a whole Demicheli et al.

aveyard h. (2010) doing a literature review in health and social care

It is important to be aware that the quality of information you may encounter will vary widely. Despite this, many literature reviews undertaken by revies students do achieve useful insights into the research question and can lead to publication and enhance your career prospects.

I appreciated the way this author wrote this book. Thus setting appropriate criteria assists you in keeping your study focussed.

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