I try to make it clear and simple, you will just to follow a few steps to complete the application. Good morning, thanks for the response. Hi, my school actually did this for me so I am not clear exactly which department should verify it. Repsol Malaysia Provides World of Opportunities fo. First class verification letter is looks like this. Dr Purva Pius 18 February at

But the syarat didnt mention about 3. It’s a very standard procedure and I hope everyone who is qualified can get their exemptions too! You can get the MQA letter from your school. The completion of the whole course is 3 years; but I still have few semesters to go.. Love to share and inspire people around me! Helps a lot as these information is not publicly available. Anonymous 7 January at

The lady said my CGPA 3.

Bring supporting letter from University. So I only took 2 months to get it waived.

How to Qualify for a PTPTN Loan Repayment Exemption

Bro, more than 1 year ady. How to Become a Scholar in 5 Steps Oct 23, So I would be nice if I can have an alternative officer’s num to deal with, Thanks: Just wanted to thank you again, my ptptn waiver was just approved and you were a big help.

Congrats, when you return the gown and collect the degree certificate at multi purpose hall same daythey will hand you a folder with the certificate and also a folder within that folder which are certified copies of all required document for you to submit to PTPTN office. If you have anything you wish to clarify, please leave a comment here and I will reply if I see it!


Hi, just want to ask, since u have received their letter of confirmation which state that if there aren’t any discrepancies then within 6mths then it is considered as exempted right? I’m a recent graduate from MMU and this is very helpful.

application letter for ptptn exemption

Hi, Thanks for the sharing and congrats for the repayment exemption: Shishio 2 February at Show posts by this member only Post 7. Do I neet to get a conforming letter from Uni’s academic director?

How to Qualify for a PTPTN Loan Repayment Exemption

ptpyn Hope u guys can help me to clear my doubt It should be fine If the processing period and approval are within the “6 months” after the date you finish study, you don’t have to pay. Thank You so much. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Financing recipients whose completed their studies and obtain First Class Honours from 1st January with the following conditions: I find the requirements stated in the government website being quite clear. If you have not received it, Seconds applciation, please click here.


[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (UMT)

exxemption Sick my duck Group: Anonymous 23 May at I have fulfilled all the requirement stated too but I had failed 1 subject in the past but retake it and have an A. Save yourself some drama and buy yourself some insurance.

application letter for ptptn exemption

Great news for fellow students who are interested to work in the aviation industry, especially in piloting! Are they even open yet?

application letter for ptptn exemption

If you are look for a trustful and reliable loan leader. Full time postgraduate ptptb. Uni can anyhow “upgrade” people to applicatuon wan mehh? So to find out whether you’re eligible or not, you just need to head to their official website and check for EVERY requirement to make sure you’re qualified. Anonymous 5 October at Completed the studies in within the period as stated in the financing agreement. Second, prepare and verify all needed documents.

Finally, I would also like to give my deepest appreciation to thanks all my lecturer, friend and family.

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