Update information is now available on the S Course Administration page. Students will need to be informed of the changes if they are using the CD. Instructors are encouraged to provide personal examples of their toolkits. List five administrative items that would be in your Crew Boss kit: Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations. This reference is available online at the link provided. Questions 33 — 40 do not have a point value associated with them.

Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior. The materials can now be found at https: It provides basic instruction in chain saw use for tactical fireline applications. C, question 31 pertains to the old contract; insert new question: Inform you where you missed points for your review; 2. An error has been found in the S Course Instructions.

S pre course work answers

Refer to the list of training resources below that may be used to replace this DVD:. Expanded Dispatch Support Dispatcher. This is out of print, so wprk borrow one from your office or read it on the CD or web.

s390 pre course work answers

Consequently, I will assume you have withdrawn from the course. It is not done by default Training Location: I would also suggest checking the following to make sure you have all the requirements for DB Be aware that the completed test must be in coufse office either electronically or faxed or mailed by 3: The materials are available on the web at: These updates will fall into two categories.


S-390 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

Do not use a plus or minus sign with a tag, e. Fundamentals of Good Credit.

Summary of prerequisites that wor not met on the current system: Applies to Version S Command and General Staff All radio equipment and radio frequency use for the course classroom simulations, field exercises, course logistics, etc. When I start the installer, it gives me grief about some unsatisfied prerequisites:. Extended Attack Incident Commander. The RCA is available for download at: The information found in the Instructor Guide p 2.

coirse Contact a helicopter inspector pilot for approval. I have a RHEL 7. Refer to the S page https: This portion does not need to be taught as part of the certified course.

s390 pre course work answers

Crew Boss Single Resource. Air Support Group Supervisor. The is a desk reference and not required to be included in the Crew Anzwers kit, however it can be printed and included if desired.

Your winter contact phone number If you put your phone number, I can call and leave a message that I have received your test. Introduction to Incident Information. Some of the PowerPoints are very large files and will take a long time to download.


Cadre will need to update the reference, from B3 to A, in the Instructor Guide on page 5 and on the Sample Nomination Letter on page 9.

You must return the test prior to 3: Update information is now available on the S Course Administration page.

S Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

The actual hours for course presentation are 24 — 26 hours allowing adequate breaks for the students. Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior. You should be able to workaround this issue by downloading and installing the missing files via the following: Applies to Version S Crew Boss Single Resource A magazine article on two pages of the S pre-course work, and all reference in the Instructor Guide to this article have ccourse deleted from the course package.

List three reference documents utilized during an IBA assignment. Most of the material on the CD and internet are no longer available in book form, but your office may have copies in their libraries that you may study to prepare you for the test and the class.

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