PRAN is promoting education and supporting several schools in their operations proving the salary of the teachers and staffs, providing books, arranging special coaching for the students. We aim at building trust through clear communication. They collect the best row materials and in their industries through the combining effort of man and machine PRAN-RFL produce their supreme products. At last they hired experts from abroad to help preservation procedures. Remember me on this computer.

Mid management level training program 5. They are now searching for new sources of the products at competitive prices. Our CSR effort revolves around the four premises i. They consider the employees as asset. We support our consumers by listening their suggestion, claims or feedback through use of a combination of channels which include websites and Care line phone numbers, etc to reduce any kind of misconception. May we, therefore, wish and hope that, you would be cordial enough to our effort and work and oblige thereby. This company has a target to export products worth TK.

term paper on pran rfl group

Our CSR effort revolves around the four premises i. At first we discussed about their organizational overview, history, aim, mission, vision industries, corporate office, and methodology.

pran rfl group term paper

They are trying to create more demand for agro product, produced by our farmers. We also asked them about the quality, standard and health value of the PRAN products. Starting successful journey to export market in Keeping in view the corporate mission of the Group they have over the years diversified their activities in several areas.


We would like teem thank our honorable course coordinator Miss.

pran rfl group term paper

They are also exporting plastic products to India, Middle East and Europe. Most of our foods are produced by our rural farmers.

pran rfl group term paper

The company has taken a move to construct an agro-processing plant at Tripura in India to supply the products there at competitive prices. They export their products more than 77 countries in the world and earning a lot of foreign currencies to our country.

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Training is in HRD sector. There are a huge number of sells offices and center all over Bangladesh. This encompasses everything from choosing quality materials to the use of storage facilities and careful monitoring of products using electronic sorting. It is one of the most profita ble companies of Bangladesh.

Now they are the largest agro-food processor company in Bangladesh. We also discussed in this paper about the contribution to economy of this company in our country. There are more than 30, employees in the company and mostly women. Skip to main content.

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We encourage contract farmers and help them grow quality crops with increased yields and to obtain fair prices. List of PRAN products- 1. In Bangladesh we are blessed with so many natural resources.

PRAN is Bangladesh’s largest grower and processor of fruits and vegetables. General geoup — 28, 2. Analytical review of Pran -Rfl group. Their export to India would be at least 10 times the current figure, if the non-tariff barriers terrm the company are removed. PRAN-RFL is a corporation whose corporate mission embodies in itself, corporate social responsibilities with the additional compulsion to make profits in order to thrive and grow which it must to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in greater measure as time passes.


During mid s, after launching its agro-processing products in the domestic market, it was involved in farming. Material management training This pulp processing plant involve into mango farming in Natore and other surrounding districts. After the recruitment PRAN-RFL provides them proper training to develop working skills, good salary, commission on the profit, tetm among the best employees and many more. Click here to sign up.

Sizeable amount is also exported to different ;ran. The number of employee details is given below: Through our communication activities, we let our consumer know about the benefits of our products and innovations. By Aziz R Siddiqi. Finally we summed up the whole topic and specified them to different chapter and part.

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